FO plug-in module for SR - OS2-PC - type: Eurocard 3U/7HP - adapters: 12x E2000sx - equipped with: SE-[XX]-SP-[X]

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The TKM FO plug-in modules for subracks (SR) are direct applicable to use in FO networks. They can be ordered completely pre-assembled or as empty version. The plug-in modules are available for all current types of connectors.

The TKM factory-assembled cabling systems for e.g. subrack (SR) or cassette systems (CAS) include as core component a ready to splice pre-assembled plug-in module.  For the subrack system, the plug-in modules are based on Eurocard format and for cassette systems are special modular single cassettes. All systems ensure high packing densities,  various connector types and simplest handling. Ideal for on-site splicing and quick start-up.

Overview technical data


subrack plug-in module ready to splice 3U / 7HP

Type plug-in module

subrack plug-in module


up to 12x E2000sx adapters
Quality grades

HS - High Standard

Port numbering (optional)

1 - 12
Integrated cassette

splice cassette and overlength cassette


More Information
Link class OS2
Connector: type E2000sx
Connector: polish PC
Connector: quality grade HS - High Standard
Splice protector: type H - Heat Shrink, C - Crimp/ANT
Housing: width 7HP
Housing: hight 3,0U
Housing: colour SILVER - METAL NATUR
Housing: application type BGTR (subrack)
Cleaning Guide
CE Certificate
Technical Datasheet
These are recommended products to realise a link in this class. Fully compatible products for a very robust connection.
These accessories are recommended to e.g. use the product more easily or protect it.
  1. Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
    Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
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