FO plug-in module for SR - OS2 - blue - type: Eurocard 3U/7HP - adapters: [XX]x [XXxx] - equipped with: empty

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The TKM FO plug-in modules for subracks (SR) are direct applicable to use in FO networks. They can be ordered completely pre-assembled or as empty version. The plug-in modules are available for all current types of connectors.

These chassis, frames, empty patch panels or subracks are combinable with all compatible splice equipments or pigtail sets. The upper level housings such as chassis are shown directly on each plug-in module and are easy to find. All types of empty panels can be useful complemented with the cable management bars.

Overview technical data


subrack plug-in module empty version 3U / 7HP
Type plug-in module

subrack plug-in module


up to 12x LCdx/SCsx/E2000 adapters
up to 6x SCdx/LCquad adapters

Port numbering (optional)

1 - 12
1 - 6
Integrated cassette

splice cassette and overlength cassette


More Information
Housing: width 7HP
Housing: hight 3,0U
Housing: colour SILVER - METAL NATUR
Housing: application type BGTR (subrack)
Housing: capacity 12x, 24x
Housing: AIMready? No
CE Certificate
Technical Datasheet
These are recommended products to realise a link in this class. Fully compatible products for a very robust connection.
These accessories are recommended to e.g. use the product more easily or protect it.
  1. Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
    Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
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