Subrack Mounting Adapter (BGTR) for modular cassette system

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TKM subrack mounting adapters for MPO / RJ45 modular cassettes are made for the usage in subracks. Because of the Eurocard format it is made for the use in standardized subracks.

These chassis and frames are combinable with all modular connectivity cassettes of the categories 6A, and 6 and additionally with the cassettes for fiber optics - OM5, OM4, OM3 and OS2. All types of empty panels can be useful complemented with the cable management bars.

Overview technical data


sheet steel (mounting plate) -  aluminium (front plate)

Dimensions LxHxW

ref. to datasheet


approx. 250g


for 1x modular cassette
More Information
Housing: width 6HP
Housing: hight 3,0U
Housing: colour SILVER - METAL NATUR
Housing: application type BGTR (subrack)
Housing: capacity 1x
Gen.: packing density (HD/SD) N.A.
Gen.: grounding type (STP/UTP) UTP, STP
Installation Guide
3D PDF File
CE Certificate
Technical Datasheet
2D Drawing
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  1. Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
    Numbering strip – adhesive with transparent cover
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