Press for splice protectors type: SP-CR

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The TKM crimping press is required to fix the splice protector optimally onto the position of the fibre to be protected. The press is used to process the protector to its final dimensions.

The press for the splice protectors type crimp (ANT) is a high quality product which can directly be placed on the splicing device in the designated position. This type of press is fully compatible with the protectors type SSE and CSS.

Overview technical data

Material housing


Material bracket


Compatible protectors

type SSE and CSS

Dimensions LxHxW [mm]

approx. 84 x 55 x 22


approx. 90g


More Information
Splice protector: certificate TS 0338/96 - Deutsche Telekom, without certificate
Splice protector: type C - Crimp/ANT
Splice protector: dimension 30mm x 3,0mm
Accessory: type Termination helper
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CE Certificate
Technical Datasheet
Production - Video
Production - Video
Product - Video
These accessories are recommended to e.g. use the product more easily or protect it.
  1. Splice protector – type crimp (SSE) – with TS  0338/96
    Splice protector – type crimp (SSE) – with TS 0338/96
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