FUTURE-PATCH - iCLIP - 2x DX-LC clip for LCsx connectors with RFID transponder - colour: [X]

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The AIM system FUTURE-PATCH is part of a ultra modern DCIM solution for managing complex IT infrastructure. The physical status of all patch panel ports is monitored and managed in real time with this system. The iCLIPS are LCdx clips with RFID transponder for retrofitting on standard patch cords change these into intelligent ones.


The RFID clips are realised for fiber optic and copper patch cords. The clips are factory programmed and by clipping onto the patch cord they bring the digital cable ID directly to the cord. The real-time monitoring can start directly.

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Applicable to Lcdx Patch Cords

corresponding to the fiber class

Status RFID transponder factory programmed with cable ID
Compatible Patch Cords

refer to datasheet

More Information
AIM version: V3
AIM for connector type: LCdx
AIM status: Intelligence EQUIPPED
Installation Guide
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Technical Datasheet
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